Studio AEVI is the label for women who not only dare to dream, but really stand out for themselves. AEVI builds the link between everyday wear and lingerie. She builds a bridge between vulnerable elegance and fearless pride. She is an identity more than just an item. With her bodyharness accessories, AEVI shows you the imperfectly perfect version of a strong, self concious and daring woman.


Rather than just offering a simple item, STUDIO AEVI  shows you an identity. All our designs are available in black and nude so you'll find the perfect fit for every occassion.

STUDIO AEVI is found by Anna van der Velde, a Dutch fashion and branding student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


Anna always has had a passion for lingerie, but missed the stage for mixing lingerie into daily wear. “Lingerie is such a delicate piece of art. It should be shown more often!” Inspired by the post fetish harness style, she decided that she wanted to turn this fetish wear into fashion. Hereby she breaks taboo and shows that women can be in full control of their own body and femininity without being objectified. As she says, “the harness can be supporting. It’s a real addition to your daily outfit. It just gives that little spiciness to it.”

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